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04-04-2008, 08:34 AM

at the moment I`m running a vB based community with a PhotoPost Gallery containing ca. 5000 photos.

There are some things that I don`t like about PhotoPost:

No posting-integration. When users post a message they have to open the gallery in anther window and learn how to copy/paste in order to add an image to their post. This is very user-unfriendly.
The other way round: When a user posts a message and wants to add a photo to it, he can`t upload an image to the gallery in the message-posting dialogue
When I delete images - for example when I banned a user - the images are not deleted from the file system and so the images keep appearing in the forum
Missing Web 2.0 features. Everyone is using/talking about creative commons, flickr, facebook etc. but there is no support for integrating this stuff into my gallery.
No modern display options like lightbox or something like this (http://www.communityofsweden.com/Pages/Photos/Photos.aspx) - this one even has image-tagging which is also very useful.
Most annoying: all the new album features of vB 3.7 have no connection with Photopost.

Has Photoplog any advantages in the sections I mentioned above? If so, would it be possible to convert a Photopost gallery into Photoplog?

Thank you - all the best,

04-04-2008, 11:56 AM
I'll answer what I can.

1. PhotoPlog comes with an optional hack to put a link into the posting area on forums where you can instantly insert any of your images into the post that are also a link to a bigger/full size version.

2. Not sure about this I think I saw a hack somewhere that put a button into the posting area to open a popup of the image upload page or something.

5. Highslide comes integrated, can be applied to any images and also applied to images dropped into posts via method above, check the PhotoPlog Pro demo.

6. For now I think a Gallery tab gets added to everyone's profile for 3.7x, not sure about the album stuff.

7. There is a thread somewhere named something like PhotoPost to PhotoPlog conversion, not looked too much into it maybe someone else can help you here too.

04-07-2008, 03:47 PM
3: Deleting images in PhotoPlog should remove them from your server, so you might want to first delete the images via PhotoPlog for that user and then do the ban.

4: PhotoPlog integrates with vBulletin but not the Web 2.0 features/services you listed.