View Full Version : Planning to purchase photoplog pro, few questions

Yogesh Sarkar
06-25-2008, 02:02 PM
I am contemplating buying the pro version of photoplog; however before I buy it, I want to know whether or not it has the features I am looking for.

So here are my questions:

Can photoplog have sub categories within category i.e. flowers – rose – sunflower etc.

Can users vote and comment on photographs?

Can a particular category be closed after some time for voting/comments/uploads?

Can members upload the same image into multiple categories and can these categories in which the photo is visible, be changed, removed and add at a later stage?

Is there an option to make photoplog work with/replace the attachment option of vBulletin?

Is photoplog compatible with vbseo i.e. can urls generated by it, be rewritten by vbseo?

06-25-2008, 08:24 PM
1: Yes, you can set up sub-categories.

2: Yes, users can rate and comment. Ratings are currently included as a part of comments, i.e., if you can comment, you can rate.

3: You can set a category to dis/allow comments, and you can set whether a certain usergroup can upload to a certain category.

4. Users can upload to only one category at a time. If users want the same image in multiple categories, they would need to do another upload. Not sure what you mean by the second part of the question, but you can change category settings, and add or remove categories, when you want.

5: No, the vB attachment system is separate from PhotoPlog.

6: Check vbseo.com. Someone might have posted something for PhotoPlog.

Please feel free to try the online demo (http://www.photoplog.com/demo/pro/index.php) and view the ACP screenshots (http://www.photoplog.com/screens/index.php).