View Full Version : PhotoPlop for vBulletin Suit 4.05 - Adressing my needs ?

08-12-2010, 05:14 PM
Before we buy I just wanted to ask some questions:

1) Can i fully integrate the PhotoPlog into the Website, means, can i show the navbar menu on top and below PhotoPlop, like the forum of vBulletin is integrated ?

2) Can i chose the startpoint I want to link to. I want to have all galeries listet on the entry page, with one sample photo.

3) can users have the chance to mark their "favorites" ? so they can easily find them later ?

4) can you protect galleries with a password?
5) Can users create their own galleries (and protect them with passwords) ?

Thanks and BR

08-13-2010, 05:18 PM
1: Integrating add-ons with other add-ons may or may not work. It depends on what you are trying but PhotoPlog comes with its own set of templates that you can edit.

2: The entry point is the index page and on that page is a selection of main categories. Depending on how you set up the categories you may or may not see them all.

3: There is an album feature that is for users to mark their favorites, not to be confused with 'albums' in vBulletin.

4: No, there is currently no password feature, though you can prevent certain usergroups from viewing the gallery.

5: Depending on permissions, users can create categories, but they are not their own. Others could upload to them.