View Full Version : A few questions for PhotoPlog PRO

08-12-2010, 08:27 PM

1.I want to know if your PhotoPlog is integrate with VB 4.06 CMS.

2.ADD Article from CMS can integrate with PhotoPlog

3. Pictures from PhotoPlog is the same from VB4 Gallery and stored in database or to file ?

4. Can I add TEXT watermark to pictures ? not a gif or png watermark.

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08-13-2010, 05:23 PM
1: There is a thumbnail widget for newest thumbs and a thumbnail widget for random thumbs. These are available in the licensed Hacks & Modifications forum.

2: Nothing more between vB4 CMS and PhotoPlog other than what is listed in point one.

3: PhotoPlog uses the file system only. Not sure what "vB4 Gallery" does or how it compares.

4: Watermarks can be JPG, GIF, or PNG so to add text you would need to use transparency.