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Morgan 06-13-2006 02:51 AM

PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.1 Released
PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.1 has been released: more query optimization has been performed!

Before upgrading or performing a new install, backup, backup, backup. Now proceed. :)

If upgrading from Pro v.2.1.0 to Pro v.2.1.1, revert one template:

Then FTP the following files to the server, overwriting the old files:

        all PHP files (except config.php) in the ZIP's /photoplog directory
        all PHP files in the ZIP's /forum/admincp directory

Next, import the following XML file (do not uninstall, do allow overwrite):

If upgrading from something other than Pro v.2.1.0, see the README.txt file for instructions.

Regardless of what version from which you upgrade, go to the PhotoPlog maintenance:

        run Update User Postbit File Counts
        run Update File and Category Counts

PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.x Discussion: here :)

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