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Default PhotoPlog Pro v. for vB4 Released

PhotoPlog Pro v. for vB4 Released

  • vBulletin 4.0.0+
  • PHP 5.2.0+
  • MySQL 4.1.0+
  • PHP with GD2
  • Safe Mode Off

New Features
  • This is a maintenance release
    • Changes were made to make PhotoPlog Pro compatible with vBulletin 4, and effort was made to make everything work the same as was the case with vB3, but because of vB4 differences, not all things will look and work exactly like before. Compatibility means that there are tables in the PhotoPlog templates with additional CSS to give the vB4 look and feel (see the attached screenshots or check out the live demo of PhotoPlog Pro on vB4 here).

Changed Files
  • Many of the files

Changed Templates
  • All the templates

New Phrases
  • None - see this thread for language packs

How-to Upgrade (from Pro v. for vB3)
  • FTP all the PhotoPlog PHP files in ASCII mode to your server, overwriting old files (except the config.php and photoplog_prefix.php files)
  • Revert all customized PhotoPlog templates listed above via the ACP, if changed from their originals
  • Re-import the PhotoPlog product XML file via the ACP (do NOT uninstall, do allow overwrite)
    • Note: changed PhotoPlog templates will not be overwritten by reimporting the XML file, so you must revert the changed PhotoPlog templates via the ACP prior to re-importing the PhotoPlog product XML file (failure to do so means PhotoPlog will not work correctly)
  • See the main README.txt file in the ZIP package for further details, and make sure to use the vB4 template edits from the main README file for vB4 forums (the vB3 edits will not work on vB4 forums)

Special Note
  • If you happen to upgrade vBulletin, then delete the vbulletin_textedit.js file from inside the PhotoPlog /images directory if present (do NOT delete the vbulletin_textedit.js file inside the vB /clientscript directory) and PhotoPlog will regenerate the file for you, if necessary

Where is the live demo?
  • This site has a number of mods on it and therefore hasn't been updated to vB4 but if you want to see a live demo of PhotoPlog Pro on vB4 you can do that here. Be sure to use the Style Chooser in the lower left on that site and see how PhotoPlog Pro takes on the different vB4 stylevars / colors. The various styles on that site are color changes and they get applied to the gallery too.

  • PhotoPlog Pro v. for vB4 discussion here
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