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Default PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.3 Released

PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.3 Released

Improved Slideshow Feature with Cookies and JavaScript (Demo)
  • Start Show - automatically play the slideshow
  • Stop Show - stop the slideshow at will
  • Previous Slide - flip back to the previous slide
  • Next Slide - move forward to the next slide
  • Zoom In - zoom in on a slide
  • Zoom Out - zoom out on a slide
  • Reset Zoom - reset slide dimensions
Plus some other minor tweaks...

Changed Files
  • /photoplog/authenticate.php
  • /photoplog/categories.php
  • /photoplog/functions.php
  • /photoplog/settings.php
  • /photoplog/slideshow.php
  • /photoplog/upload.php
Changed Templates
  • photoplog_block_list
  • photoplog_cat_bit
  • photoplog_comment_form
  • photoplog_file_list
  • photoplog_slideshow_page
New Phrases
  • photoplog_start_show
  • photoplog_stop_show
  • photoplog_previous_slide
  • photoplog_next_slide
  • photoplog_zoom_in
  • photoplog_zoom_out
  • photoplog_reset_zoom
  • photoplog_slides
  • photoplog_submissionthanks
  • vBulletin 3.6.0+
  • PHP 4.3.3+
  • MySQL 4.0.16+
  • PHP with GD2
  • Safe Mode Off
How-to Upgrade (from Pro v.2.1.2)
  • Revert the listed templates via the ACP if changed
  • FTP the listed files, overwriting the old files
  • Reimport the product-photoplog.xml file (do not uninstall, do allow overwrite)
  • See the README.txt file for new installations
  • More things to be added in time
  • PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.3 discussion here
Please use the forums for support, feature requests, and similar such things. Support does not include custom code, custom template edits, or third-party modifications. PMs and emails to me should be for private information only, such as login information. If you PM or email me a support question, chances are good that I'll ignore it. Thanks.
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